Since 1975

The Eddicuomo brand grows in the panorama of  artisans specialized in the processing of low sandals and high heels , succeeding with its elegant collections, to satisfy tastes and needs of many women.

The skilled artisans make use of a great professionalism marked by years of experience and an efficient production cycle, which has led the company to develop a product that is incomparable for style and quality.

“Le scarpe sono i totem della libidine incorporea. Zucchero per gli occhi, poesia per i piedi. Rappresentano tutto ciò che avreste sempre desiderato” – Mimi Pond


Behind the Eddicuomo’s products there is a meticulous craftsmanship, cured in every detail and specifically designed to make the shoe unique in the world.

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A refined design and a perfect fit are the basis of Eddicuomo’s projects and models.

A great family tradition, a commitment and a timeless passion in the creation of new models, make the collections appealing and always fashionable.

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Careful selection of raw materials such as leather, natural leathers and suede, depending on the model.

Shimmering Swarowski are worked to be set in footwear. Precious stones such as opals, topazes, amethysts and aquamarines give color and personality to the jeweled sandals.

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Each phase of processing takes place in compliance with the artisan techniques, assisted by the help of precision machinery, which take the processing time of sandals to just 2 days.

The extreme care in finishing and the use of first choice materials clarify the attention that Eddicuomo sets for the feminine look.

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