Jeweled sandal Maldive Green


Flat sandal in leather.

Platinum laminated upper studded with Emerald stones.

Gold leather sole with customizable heel.


Product Description

Authentic Made in Italy,

our jewel sandal is made entirely of hypoallergenic materials, the sole is made of Tuscany leather obtained using natural extracts such as Mimosa and Chestnut, the latter being mostly used because it allows to obtain a high quality leather.

Not just elegant and stylish, but also comfortable. The choice of the materials used makes it possible to adapt the sandal to the shape of the foot, offering a pleasant sensation of well-being and comfort.

Our packaging made with refined and protective materials is able to guarantee the complete delivery of the product, certifying its origin.

The attention to detail makes it precious and fashionable ... The jewel sandal eddicuomo is the right accessory to face a summer at the top !!

Additional Information


1 cm, 2 cm, 5 cm


4, 5, 6, 6,5, 8, 9

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